About us

We are a family with British and Swiss roots. With three children, we know the value of peace and relaxation. We have found this in our chalet in Valais, also because it offers the children so much that they don't always need their parents.

Maybe you too will find in Tschuggen what you are looking for and what is good for you...


We speak German and English.

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House rules / Information for tenants

Dear guest, we welcome you warmly and hope that you will have a relaxing holiday in our chalet. Our experience has shown that certain rules for dealing with the inventory and the behaviour of our guests are useful in order to make your stay with us as carefree as possible and to avoid possible misunderstandings in advance.

1. inventory and damages - We ask you to treat our inventory with care and to put used dishes only clean and dry into the cupboards. Damage to furniture and furnishings does occur and can often be easily repaired. Please inform us immediately of any damage. As a rule, tenants and fellow travellers are liable for these and are responsible for appropriate replacement or reimbursement of costs. In the case of minor damage, such as broken crockery, this is usually not necessary.

2. volume and quiet times - Please be considerate of our neighbourhood and keep to the room volume in the holiday flat, especially with the volume of music or TV.

3. visitors - Your visitors are always welcome in our holiday flat for short periods of time. However, it is not allowed to let unregistered guests stay overnight in the holiday flat. Should the number of guests change, please inform us in good time so that we can prepare the holiday flat accordingly.

4. smoking - Smoking is prohibited in our holiday flat. Please use the outside area for smoking but keep it clean.

5. pets - Pets are welcome in our holiday flat by appointment. Please note that any damage or dirt caused by your pet must be repaired by yourself or you must inform us.

6. security and valuables - Always close all windows and the front door before leaving the holiday flat. We are not liable for the loss of valuables during your stay.

7. waste separation - We ask you to separate your household waste in the available containers in the flat and to sort it into the waste containers.

8. cleaning - The thorough final cleaning of the holiday flat will be carried out by our cleaning service after your departure as agreed. However, we would like to ask you to remove larger amounts of dirt in advance and to leave the flat swept clean on departure.

9 Arrival and departure - The holiday flat can be occupied from 16:00 on the day of your arrival. The departure takes place until 10:00 on the day of your departure.

10. key - We provide you with a house key and ask you to handle it with care. If you lose a key, please inform us immediately.

11. environment - We care about the environment, hopefully you do too. Therefore, please turn off the lights and all technical devices when they are not needed. Saving water also helps nature. Thank you.